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Your Pasture Pharmacy Part 4: Nutritional Wisdom and Self-Selection

September 2017 by Dr Mariette van den Berg, BAppSc (Hons), MSc, PhD (Equine Nutrition), RAnNutr, Certified Permaculture Design Consultant,

In this exclusive series, Dr Mariette van den Berg has been uncovering the grazing life of horses - exploring how herbivores and plants have adapted their behaviour to not just co-exist, but benefit each other and thrive. 

Most previous articles on pasture management and grazing planning have focused on the horse’s nutritional and behavioural needs, but this series looks closer at the interaction between horses and plants - how each responds when faced with the challenges of an ever changing landscape. By learning more about how horses and plants respond to grazing, we can improve our pasture management practices and, therefore, the health and wellbeing of our horses and the land they graze on.