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Complementary Therapies

Photonic Red Light Therapy

May 2015

Photonic Red Light Therapy developed in Australia by Dr Brian McLaren, a clinical scientist and veterinarian, is a scientifically advanced form of acupuncture using red light, instead of needles, to stimulate recognised acupuncture points to promote healing by altering the electrical field potential in the skin. 

Equine Acupressure and Nerve Damage

May 2015

Acupressure is based on traditional Chinese medicine, just like acupuncture, Reiki and other forms of energetic medicine. A simple explanation of how acupressure works is this:  In traditional Chinese medicine, there are a total of 361 acupoints, and they all have specific energetics and functional benefits. These points have been identified and categorised over hundreds of years, so practitioners have a resourceful tool to use in the non-invasive treatment of Equine Acupressure. 

Equine Positional Release and Limb Deformities in Foals

January 2015

Each foaling season, breeders are faced with the possibility of having newborns or young foals with leg and hoof deformities. The most common problems involve the flexor tendon-muscle unit affecting the coffin, fetlock and knee joints.

Equine Injuries of the Neck and Forelimb

October 2014

A neck related issue or a true forelimb lameness? That is the question…  In this article, Equine Physiotherapist Nicky Suckle provides a complete overview of neck and forelimb injury and pain, including common causes and treatment options for the equine. Neck and forelimb injuries are very common in horses and, often, a neck issue is misdiagnosed as a primary forelimb lameness.  Anatomy of the spine 

Horses Inside Out

September 2014

The Gatton Indoor Equestrian Centre is buzzing with activity, people have come from far and wide. Attendance is exceeding expectations and we recognise horse people from a variety of backgrounds. There are professional trainers and coaches, therapists, saddle fitters, show horse people, endurance people, even teenage pony club enthusiasts.

Understanding Tendon Properties and Physiotherapy Treatment

September 2014

Tendon injuries are one of, if not the most common, musculoskeletal problems in the sporting horse, especially in the racing industry. There is no one effective cure in the treatment of tendon injury, recovery is slow and rate of recurrence is high. The associated time lost from racing and competition is significant, highlighting the importance of injury prevention and early treatment.  Function 

Pilates for Horses: Part 9

September 2014

Welcome to Part Nine, the last of our exciting series, Pilates for Horses, in collaboration with Gillian Higgins! 

Soft Tissue Therapy

July 2014

Christian Langeder from is an Equine Soft Tissue Therapist specialising in the muscular care of performance horses. His work with animals began in 1999. He works with horses in all manner of sport including racing, eventing, dressage and polo. 

Pilates for Horses: Part 8

July 2014

Welcome to Part Eight of our exciting new series, Pilates for Horses, in collaboration with Gillian Higgins. 

Pilates for Horses: Part 7

June 2014

Welcome to Part Seven of the series, Pilates for Horses, in collaboration with Gillian Higgins. 


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