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Complementary Therapies

Pilates for Horses: Part 6

May 2014

Welcome to Part Six of our exciting new series, Pilates for Horses, in collaboration with Gillian Higgins. 

Pilates for Horses: Part 5

April 2014

Welcome to Part Five of the series, Pilates for Horses, in collaboration with Gillian Higgins. 

Thermography: More Than Just a Last Resort?

March 2014

Thermography, or infrared imaging, uses an infrared imaging and measurement camera to ‘see’ and ‘measure’ heat, or more precisely thermal energy, emitted from an object. While currently thermography is generally turned to as a last resort in difficult to diagnose cases, Jean Koek believes its greatest strength lies in helping identify the warning signs before they become health problems.  

Stifle Pain and Disease

March 2014

The veterinary chiropractor or osteopath will deal with stifle pain in horses almost on a daily basis. Stifle pain is very common in the equine, be it a primary pathology of the stifle joint or secondary to other influences on the body. In this article, veterinary chiropractor Dr Grant Harris discusses the chiropractic and osteopathic approach to treating stifle pain and disease.  

Pilates for Horses: Part 4

March 2014

Welcome to Part Four of the series, Pilates for Horses, in collaboration with Gillian Higgins.   

Horses Inside Out Australian Tour

March 2014

7th of April - 7pm - 9.30pm - Gatton Indoor Equestrian Centre, Qld GET TO KNOW YOUR HORSE INSIDE OUT - Evening Session Tickets are selling fast! Purchase your early bird tickets now for $55.00, ($75 at the door if available).  Book Now! Click Here 7.00 The Skeletal System Using both, horses and PowerPoint

Series: Horse Owners Guide to Complementary Therapies


UK study aims to understand back pain in horses - its management and treatment

November 2013

Physiotherapy techniques designed to manage back pain in humans have commonly been applied to treat equine back pain, however further research is still needed to link the symptoms and clinical findings, explains veterinary physiotherapist Gillian Tabor.

Equine Sacroiliac Joint Injury

July 2012

As an equine physiotherapist with a research background in the sacroiliac joint, I am often asked to treat horses that are suspected to have an injury in their sacroiliac joint region. Sacroiliac joint injury can be acute and/or traumatic, such as injury following a fall onto the pelvis, or from jumping out of racing barriers. The injury can be low-grade, or more chronic, sometimes resulting from ‘microdamage’ due to repetitive forces being transferred through the joint, as in dressage and show jumping.


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