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Grass Farmers: Managing Horse Properties in Drought

August 2018

During drought, fibre, essential for horses, becomes very expensive and difficult to obtain. All you can do in very dry conditions is damage control. Any improvements to your land need to take place during the good times to ensure your land is better able to handle the drought and will make a better recovery when the drought breaks. When it’s dry... Dry conditions are often coupled with hot weather or drying winds that increasingly dehydrate the plants so they shatter and eventually die if grazing animals are allowed to overgraze them during this time.

Can regular mowing protect from laminitis?

September 2017

With Spring upon us in the Southern Hemisphere, many horse owners caring for sugar-sensitive horses will be frantically trying to adopt different management strategies to reduce the intake of sugary pastures to avoid weight gain and/or laminitis. The approaches used probably involve restricting and/or managing their horses’ access to grazing either strip grazing, fitting grazing muzzles and often, by locking horses out of pasture completely or during parts of the day.

It Starts with Knowledge

July 2016

“Responsible, sustainable and ethical horse ownership starts with knowledge,” proclaims the official website of Equiculture - a term that encapsulates so much.  Jane and Stuart Myers’ business covers everything from land management to horse welfare and rider biomechanics. Before even meeting the couple, it’s clear from their range of books, workshops, talks and articles that knowledge and education are incredibly important to them both. 

Group Housing: 21st Century Horse Management

December 2013

A German company has used science to improve the lifestyle of domestic horses with priority given to developing a system which is enriching for the horse. For those of you who have not heard of 'group housing systems', put simply, they are fully automated systems that, as their name suggests, allow horses to be kept in groups whilst at the same time catering for individual feeding regimes.

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