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Equine Permaculture

Managing Pastures for Soil Health - Part 1

November 2017

As horse owners, we care for large herbivors and, in order to support them with the food they are designed to eat, we must take care of our land.  Making the right land management decisions - ones that will create healthy pastures, and adequate food resources for our horses and for ourselves - is often easier said than done and certainly not something you can buy off the shelf.  By understanding the ecosystem as a whole and its natural functions, you will be able to make management decisions that support the natural patterns. 

All About Soil - Part 5 - Using soil tests to improve horse pastures

July 2018

In this All About Soil series, we have been ‘digging deeper into soils’ and explored what soils are, how soil is formed, the different types of soil (Part 1) and how they sustain life through the soil-food-web (Part 2). 

All About Soil - Part 3 - DIY Soil tests

April 2018

In this Equine Permaculture series, we ‘dig deeper into soils’ and, to date, we have explored what soils are, how soil is formed, the different types of soil and how they sustain life through the soil-food-web. If you missed those articles, you can find them by clicking on Part 1 and Part 2 In the following parts, we focus on the importance of soil tests - in the lab and DIY - interpreting these soil test results, and, finally, in our last part, we will explain how these tests can help your property’s soil and pasture management. 

Equine Permaculture: Composting!

May 2017

Sometimes, permaculture is as simple as changing the way we look at things. This month we bring you a perfect example:  Instead of looking at all that manure your horses produce daily and the hard work you do cleaning it up as ‘waste’, you can see it as your best opportunity to obtain a valuable resource to help you achieve the holy grail of permaculture - building healthy soil to support your horses’ and your land, helping both become more resilient.

Equine Permaculture: Amazing Dung Beetles

April 2017

This month, we celebrate dung beetles! For horse owners, dung beetles mean mean less cleaning paddocks and poo shovelling, and great soil development, without cost or effort - all things that align with the permaculture principles.  Dung beetles also benefit your horse’s health by helping control fly and parasitic worm populations. While this is great news for all horse and cattle owners, these tiny workers need the right conditions to establish and thrive.

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