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Kids Guide to Healthcare

January 2014

  Caring for your horse or pony is a big responsibility both for you and your parents. In terms of your pony’s healthcare, it is important to make daily checks and to know what is normal for your pony.

Turn your clip from average to fantastic

July 2013

This fact sheet has invaluable tips from professional Beth Noble who runs a professional presentation business called Nags to Riches. If you already have tried a clip but want to know how to get more out of it, this is the fact sheet to you. Beth Noble enjoys helping other horse owners learn how to do it themselves and seeing them enjoying their horses at shows. 

Modern Worm Control

July 2013

Researchers have moved in leaps and bounds towards understanding the many factors that contribute to sustainable worm control. This measn that worming practices of the past, which were developed under very different circumstances must change. There is no 'one-size fits all' approach to worm control, and the goal should be to manage egg-shedding at an 'acceptable' level... This is an indispensable fact sheet for all horse owners. 

Queensland Itch (also known as sweet itch)

June 2013

What you should know about Queensland Itch and other skin allergies caused by biting insects. Includes prevention and treatment of the symptoms as well as ongoing management. 

Caring for Seniors

June 2013

This fact sheet gives you an overview of the health care strategies that will give your ageing horse the best chance of living a longer, and what's more important, a comfortable life of the highest quality. 

Emergency Evacuation Plan

April 2013

Can you get all your horses out, before a natural disaster hits? How? and where will you go?  An emergency evacuation plan is essential for all horse owners. Many horse owners admit they would put their lives at risk to save their animals, but it doesn't have to get to that... This easy to read fact sheet will help you put a plan in place. so you can keep your family and animals safe.

Feeding Horses, What is essential?

April 2013

What is essential feeding for horses?  Horses have evolved to eat a very high fibre diet so this should be the main component of any feeding regime. Any extra nutrients or higher energy feeds the horse may need can be added by supplementary feeding if the hay or grass is deficient or the horse is working hard, growing or the mare is feeding a foal...

Essential First Aid

March 2013

We all know horses are accident prone! As well as applying first aid to wounds, it is very important for horse owners to know how to take the vital signs of their horses and know what is 'Normal' as well as training the horses to accept all the assessment procedures.  This fact sheet written by veterinarian Dr Craig Simon covers First Aid Kit essentials, how to apply first aid, how to take the vital signs and the average vital signs for both horses and young foals.  It is sponsored by Proud-Aid, Proud Flesh Woundcare Treatment for Horses

Hendra Vaccine, what you need to know

March 2013

Do you have questions about the different aspects surrounding the Hendra virus vaccine? Are you unsure if you should vaccinate your horse? This 3-page fact sheet by Dr Nathan Anthony answers all your questions. Dr Anthony is a member of the Australian Veterinary Association's (AVA) HeV Task Force who is involved with the Queensland Government interagency review of HeV Infection Prevention Advice. 

Greasy Heel (also known as Mud Fever)

January 2013

Greasy Heel, also known as Mud Fever, Swamp Fever, Mud Rash or Cracked Heels, is a descriptive term, not a diagnosis. Although it's a relatively common presentation, horse owners tend to underestimate how complex this skin disorder may be, particularly in chronic cases. From minor infections to chronic granulomatous lesions, this is an extremely painful condition that requires immediate treatment and ongoing management. 


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