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Estimate your horse's weight

December 2012

This fact sheet written by nutrition expert Mariette van den Berg from MB Equine Services explains how to easily estimate your horse's weight. While there are several formulas in use, our fact sheet uses the Carroll and Huntington formula, which has proven to be the most reliable for adult horses.  Once you've measured your horse, let our Weight Calculator do the maths for you! Click Here

Foaling Date Fact Sheet

November 2012

This handy fact sheet for all broodmare owners includes a Foaling Date Calculator, and a newborn foal's normal vital signs at different stages of growth, plus a list of contents to prepare your foaling first aid kit.  

Hendra virus information for horse owners

November 2012

The most up-to-date fact sheet issued by Biosecurity Qld in October 2012 with recommendations for horse owners and all related information regarding the disease. It includes: How Hendra is transmitted How to reduce the risk of horses becoming infected Signs of Hendra in horses Who to contact if you suspect a horse has Hendra What happens next Hendra virus and people How to reduce the risk of transmission from horses to people Who to contact  

The right rug for your horse

November 2012

Does your horse need a rug? What sort of rug is right for your horse? How do you know if a rug fits or doesn't fit your horse?  This fact sheet includes a simple 3-point rug fitting check to make sure your horse can stay comfortable and avoid pressure sores that are caused by ill-fitting rugs, how to measure your horse for a rug, and how to shop for the best rug for your horse. 

Parasites in horses

November 2012

Horses suffer from both external and internal parasites. In Australia, the parasites that affect horses and donkeys are externally: ticks and lice, and internally: worms and bots. Tick infestations can become a problem in some areas, and the paralysis tick can have a serious effect on young horses and small ponies. Daily grooming of your horse is the best way to thoroughly inspect the horse for external parasites (as well as other injuries).

How to... take your horse's digital pulse

November 2012

An easy guide to taking your horse's digital pulse. The digital pulse is a way to measure the blood flow going to the horse’s hooves and can detect a problem before you see any signs of illness or lameness. When taking the digital pulse the strength of the flow is more important than the rate of beats or pulses.

Dental Care for Horses

November 2012

All horses - even those with ‘good mouths’ - should be seen regularly by an Equine Dental Vet to identify problems early. If you don’t provide regular appropriate dental care for your horse, then when you finally reach a point where you think you need someone chances are you will have left it far too late. This fact sheet includes the signs of problems, causes of dental pain, and basic anatomy and is brough to you by the partnership between Horses and People and Equine Dental Vets, an organisation commited to advancing horse health. 

Bringing home a new pony

November 2012

  You’ve done your homework and chosen the new pony. You’ve loaded him onto the float and are on your way home. Hopes are high and the family is making plans for a bright future with your new mount. These simple tips from Australian Pony Breeder Cath Henshall will assist you to make a success of the purchase.

Buying a pony

November 2012

  Buying that first pony is usually fun and exciting, but there are also many pitfalls. Bringing home a pony which doesn’t meet your needs or expectations, particularly if children are involved can be a costly and heart breaking exercise. It can be even more daunting as a parent if you don’t have a horsey background. Cath Henshall from Hillydale Ponies has distilled many years of experience buying and selling reliable kids' ponies into some simple tips.


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