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Breeding Principles: an Introduction

August 2012

Many animal breeders, horse breeders, service dog trainers, race industry breeders, domestic breeders and farmers have an ‘ideal’ animal in mind. Without the knowledge, the science and the techniques required to set up and maintain a successful breeding program, reaching that goal can be a long, slow process. Great success in the field of animal breeding is the culmination of attention to detail. A strong foundation in theory and practice will assist a breeder in maximising the potential of their animals.

The 'Popular Sire' Effect in Breeding

July 2012

For some, pedigrees and the research required to utilise the information contained within them, may be incredibly boring. I believe them to be the most important link to solving many breeding mysteries. Why is my eye drawn to that animal? What line does it carry? Why does the ‘type’ seem so familiar to me? What can this animal offer the breed if I decide to include it in a breeding program?

Ancient Artists Spot On

July 2012

For years, archaeologists have debated whether cave paintings were intended as a realistic portrayal of life as seen by the artist or whether they were a flight of fancy having symbolic significance. The latter view was fuelled by the fact that, although genes for bay and black hair colour had been identified in ancient DNA, the gene for spotted coat colouring had not been found.

Why Clone?

May 2012

Most people are against the cloning of animals. Nevertheless, animal cloning is still carried out, and has become accepted as a useful and beneficial technology in some animal breeds. Why is this so? The negative aspects of animal cloning


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