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Grazing and Pasture

A guide to safer horse fencing

September 2012

Good safe fences are essential on a horse property. As well as helping to keep horses secured within a property, fences protect certain areas and maintain boundaries between a property and neighbours or a property and public roads. Good fences reduce the chance of accidents therefore they help you to sleep at night knowing that your animals are safely confined on the property. Good fences are also aesthetically pleasing and increase the value of the property. There is no one type of fence that is ideal for all situations, climate, type of horse or budget.

The Central Point System

September 2012

Learn how you can design your horse property in a way that saves money, time, is much more sustainable than traditional horse keeping systems and fits in well with natural horse behaviour while at the same time allows good property and environmental management.    Good land management is about being able to reduce grazing pressure when necessary, and apply it when necessary. Otherwise your land will become degraded and eventually your paddocks will contain lots of weeds and will have bare compacted soil, mud, erosion problems, etc.


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