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Have Your Say | Whiskers

November 2015

We asked our readers to share their opinions... Do you trim your horse’s whiskers and why have you made that choice?   Josselin Milette: “They were put on horses for a reason. I have seen many horses end up with cuts on their faces after they were trimmed off :(“

Itchy all over

July 2012

The scientific name for QLD Itch is Culicoides Dermatitis caused by the sand fly Culicoides Brevitarsis and other Culicoides (better known as midges). The saliva of the gnat contains a protein that causes an intense allergic reaction characterized by severe itching. Stable fly, Horse fly (March flies) and Black fly also produce allergic dermatitis that is difficult to distinguish from QLD Itch.   Prevention and treatment of symptoms is the best way to manage QLD Itch.

5 Steps to a perfect tail, the humane way!

July 2012

Why use a Smart Tails thinning comb as opposed to traditional tail pulling? Firstly, and most importantly, Smart Tails is totally humane and causes no pain to the horse. If you have a young or sensitive animal, you can avoid putting it through the trauma of pulling and achieve an equally neat finish with this brilliant tool. Secondly, the process is far easier and quicker for the groom. British showing supremo, Lynn Russell prefers Smart Tails to traditional pulling as she finds pulling irritates the hair follicles, causing the horse to itch. Before you start

Clipping for a cut above the rest

July 2012

Should I clip my horse? What type of clip should I choose? Does my horse need rugs? Professional presentation expert Beth Noble explains. Be sure to read the original article (click on the image) for tips to turn your clip from average to fantastic.  


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