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Ground work / handling

Helmets: 20 (More) Reasons to Put a Lid on It

June 2018

Horse riding is dangerous. I’m not going to go into the statistics on horse-related injury and fatality because they are far from straightforward. Do you calculate injury rates per ride, per hour spent in the saddle or per jump attempt?  Suffice to say that all accidents range from annoying to tragic, and the statistics for any sport as a whole are not going to matter when an accident happens to you or someone you know. 

Starting Romeo - Part 7: Saddle Up!

September 2018

Whether your horse is un-started or already going under saddle, but you feel these are areas that need a little work, you’re in the right place. In this exclusive training series, Kate Fenner from Kandoo Equine is taking  us deep into the essential foundation lessons for any horse.

Horses Helping Humans

June 2018

Now in its 14th year, Horses Helping Humans (HHH) has recently won its third Business Award this year for ‘Youth and Children’s Services 2018’. Founder Sue Spence invites you to become a licensee and facilitator for this internationally renowned horsemanship and life skills program. 

Series: Setting Good Ground Rules Series


Back to Basics

April 2017

Angela Brown’s business is training: both horses and people. She didn’t begin her equestrian journey until she got her first horse at the age of 28 and perhaps entering the horse world as an adult gave her a fresh perspective. In Angela’s line of work, working with horses is as simple as two concepts: mastering the basics and staying safe.

First Encounters

November 2013

The first encounters with humans can be stressful for the horse, so it is important to ensure they are a positive experience. In this article Lindsey Vincent explains the challenges of starting the ‘unhandled’ young horse. A reinforcement-based approach that takes advantage of a naive horse’s curious nature coupled with taking things step-by-step, will promote positive associations with you, their human trainer, and will set your training program up to a great start.  

A Record breaking training success

February 2013

On a beautiful Queensland spring morning, an expectant group had been invited to witness ‘Izzadora’ a young Friesian filly by the ‘Wizzard’, successfully perform a record breaking feat...

Training your horse to go into confined space... The Vet crush and barriers

January 2013

Horses are naturally wary of small spaces and they tend to avoid confinement so will often react by showing various expressions of flight response. The three most common situations where horses need to walk into a small space and be confined are floats and trucks, vet crushes and racing barriers. In the May issue I explained the float training process, and in this article I will focus on vet crushes and race barriers. The training process for all three is very similar.

Typical Behaviour of the Mare

January 2013


Foal Imprinting or is it?

January 2013

With the new foal on the ground you feel that you need to do everything possible to ensure it gets handled properly. You may have heard of imprinting and you think you should do that. The detailed description of the “imprinting” process to be implemented with foals is described in Miller RM 1998: Imprint training the newborn foal. Western Horseman, Colorado Springs.


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