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Fix it with the best: Equine nutrition now has Fibregenix!

November 2018

A first for Australian equine nutrition, a new range of Australian-made feed balancers to help you simplify your horse’s feeding regime, reducing the financial burden whilst providing exceptional health benefits. Fibregenix balancers will tick all the boxes not just for the horse owner but for the retailer as well. The equine market is awash with supplements which can make life very confusing for horse owners. Through their diet consultation service, Fibregenix is constantly advising people who are over-supplementing their horses to quite toxic levels.

Queensland Itch Vaccine Trial

July 2018

The type of allergic dermatitis known as Queensland Itch, Summer or Sweet Itch has so far proven impossible to cure and difficult to manage, but a new study suggests a vaccine may soon be available to provide the relief horses and their owners are looking for.

What is the Best Joint Product for My Horse to Use?

July 2017

There are two primary reasons for this question:  Treat an issue they have noticed in their horse, and Provide to their horse as a possible preventative. As easy as this question is, it is often one that veterinarians don’t like answering because there are just so many options available. Veterinarians often have not had the chance to truly evaluate the actual data behind the different products, particularly in the area of nutraceuticals. There are many options available to veterinarians for the treatment of joint-related issues, including NSAIDS, injectables and nutraceuticals.

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