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Horse Care

Feeding During Drought

July 2018

Droughts are part of life for horse owners in Australia. Each drought brings its own set of difficulties. How well you survive drought will depend on the initial plan of action and the modifications undertaken to your strategy as the drought progresses. Planning and decision-making must be done early. If you leave your decisions until the drought worsens, many of the management options available early on may no longer be available to you. Prices for horses usually drop dramatically, agistment dries up, and feed and hay prices generally soar.


March 2018

Together with Dr Petra Buckley, Senior Lecturer in Equine Studies at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, we challenged students to bust some common myths and misconceptions about horse training and management. You may find the results surprising. In case you’d like to continue your own research, we’ve included a list of the full references, so head over to Google Scholar and see the science for yourself. Myth #1: Two-year-old racing damages young horses Words by Erin Sykes, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga

The Importance of Curiosity

February 2017

Rebecca Feasey isn’t one of those people who grew up on the back of a horse.  Growing up in the suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, she didn’t get her first horse until the age of 26, when she took the plunge and bought a former trail horse from an acquaintance who was closing down his business. 

Series: Pastures for Horses


Caring for Horses Reduces Symptoms of Dementia

July 2014

 In this first of its kind study, a collaboration between Ohio State University, an equine therapy centre and an adult daycare centre, researchers determined that spending time with horses eases the symptoms of Alzheimer’s dementia. 

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