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Horse Facility (re)Design

Paddock shelters that work

March 2019

When it comes to providing, planning and building shelters for our horses, what design aspects matter most? In this article, Dr Mariette van den Berg provides some handy tips and useful guidance on the location, design and construction aspects that horses will appreciate and you should consider when designing man-made horse shelters. Why build a shelter?

Sleep deprivation a risk to mental and physical health

March 2019

Sleep is essential for life. The quality and quantity of a horse’s sleep directly affects their health and well-being. However, sleep is rarely considered as part of a horse’s management plan. A new study has found that poor management or physical problems can discourage horses from lying down and this leads to horses becoming sleep deprived and at risk of serious injury. The findings were presented at the 13th International Equitation Science Conference in Rome during September 2018.

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