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Horse Health

The Mystery of Colic in the Horse

June 2018

Even though colic is a common ailment in horses, it can be mysterious and frightening for horse owners.  Colic is a generalised term referring to any type of abdominal pain in the horse and most commonly originates from within the gastrointestinal tract, or gut.  This article will focus on the gastrointestinal causes of colic to help horse owners broaden their understanding of the problem and be able to make informed decisions regarding their horse if colic does occur. 

Feeding for Weight Gain, brought to you by HyGain Feeds

June 2018

Some horses do not maintain their bodyweight easily and it can prove a real challenge to keep them at an ideal weight. Ultimately, your horse’s ribs should not be visible, but they should be easily felt if you run your hand along your horse’s side.  A common complaint from horse owners is their horse hasn’t got enough topline. This is achieved through the horse working in a manner that strengthens the muscles in their back and the correct diet of quality protein, which helps to build muscle. 


June 2018

Name: Walnut Bach Flower Essence Biological Name: Juglans regia

New Flu Vaccine Now Available for Horses

June 2018

While Australian and New Zealand horse owners aren't required to vaccinate for equine influenza, the devastation of this transmittable virus was felt on our shores in 2007. For horse owners where flu outbreaks are common and vaccination is necessary, the release of a new flu vaccine is a welcome breakthrough. 

8 Steps for Giving Intramuscular Injections

March 2018

Although often the domain of the veterinarian, there are occasions when horse owners may need to give injections too.  When such situations arise, the vet will likely explain to the owner how to safely and correctly give an injection. Dr Jenni Bauquier has given many thousands of injections as a vet with the University of Melbourne’s U-Vet Equine Centre. Jenni offers her knowledge on how to make this simple procedure as safe and stress-free as possible.  The basics of injections

How to Avoid Kissing Spines: Lessons from the Old Masters

March 2018

Adams’ 'Lameness in Horses' (1987)1 describes kissing spines as a condition of the vertebral column in horses caused by overlapping and/or impingement of the dorsal spinous processes (DSP) in the thoracic and/or lumbar vertebrae. 

How to make rugging decisions

March 2018

Everywhere they live, horses have an opportunity to get too cold or too warm, and owners have an opportunity to underdress or overdress their steeds. We cannot trust local custom to decide when to blanket, because local custom varies so widely from place to place, so how are we to make the best decisions for our horses? In Australia, judging from past articles in Horses and People, there are horse owners like those in the eastern United States and, because of the particular climate, they are likely to overdress their horses throughout the year.

Skin Deep

December 2017

As with all species, skin disease in horses is common. Whereas sometimes symptomatic treatment of the clinical signs results in a successful outcome, many cases are more complex. Good treatment outcomes rely on an accurate diagnosis, along with multifactorial treatment and/or management approach.  In this article, Veterinarian Dr Chris Heislers outlines the most common skin diseases affecting horses in Australia. 

Immunity: What is it and How Does it Work? Part 2

December 2017

Immunity - or the immune system - is something we often hear about, but have you ever wondered exactly what it is and how it works?  The immune system is a marvellously complex system that helps protect us and our horses from potentially harmful disease-causing pathogens (bacteria or viruses). The reason most of us are able to carry on our daily lives without being constantly sick is because our immune system runs smoothly in the background without much thought on our part. 

Tarcoola's Legacy

November 2017

The professional development room at Avoca Park is filled with equine industry professionals and interested horse owners. Everyone sits in plastic chairs as the presenters finish their preparations for the next three days’ work. Wheel the Lead – or Wheely – lies on the table, mostly shrouded in shade cloth and towels, a bunch of flowers resting on his ribcage. He is a 16-year-old Thoroughbred ex-racehorse and yesterday he passed away. 


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