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Horse Health

Lameness problems in horses

December 2009

Lameness problems should be investigated in a systematic fashion rather than just guessing what is wrong with the horse.  Obtaining a diagnosis is not always easy but  it is an essential step to successful treatment.   Lameness can be evident whilst at rest or during movement and is defined as a deviation from a normal gait.  Lameness can be due to trauma, congenital conditions (e.g contracted tendons), an acquired abnormality (e.g OCD) and infection as well as  less common metabolic, circulatory and nervous system disorders. Influence of the owner/rider

Equine Science Update - Strangles

May 2008

Strangles is a contagious disease of horses caused by the bacterium Streptococcus equi. Typical signs include fever, loss of appetite, soft cough, purulent nasal discharge and swollen lymph nodes of the face, which may often abscessate and burst.   The swollen glands can restrict the airways - hence the name “Strangles”. In some cases, however, the disease may be very mild, causing only slight nasal discharge without a raised temperature or swollen glands. A carrier state without any obvious clinical signs is also possible.


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