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MB Equine - Nutrition

Choosing the right feed for your horse - Part 1 Ingredients

August 2012

Selecting concentrate feed for your horses can be very challenging at times. Just walk into any produce or agri store and you find a wide range of commercial manufactured feeds for horses that are promoted in colourful bags. How do you choose what's right for your horse? Even the regular cereal grains come in an array of cracked, crushed, crimped, rolled, ground, steamed, roasted (micronised) or extruded. In this three part series you will learn how to read feed labels.  

Feeding the Stallion

September 2009

With Spring approaching a variety of breeding stallions are prepared and presented to the public for the new breeding season. For the majority of stallions the breeding season lasts 5 to 6 months. In the Southern Hemisphere the breeding season starts early August and ends late January. The breeding season in the Northern Hemisphere commences mid February and finishes late July. These dates are not concrete and may vary by country, breed and stud.


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