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Fat horses need to lose weight NOW, say UK vets

February 2019

With some studies suggesting that more than half of certain horse populations in the UK are overweight or obese, the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) is urging owners to act now to prevent their horses suffering serious weight-related health and welfare risks come the Northern Hemisphere Spring.

Registration open for 2019 Equitation Science Conference

February 2019

Planning is well underway for the 15th Annual International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) Conference, being held at the University of Guelph, Canada’s largest agricultural university, on August 19-21, 2019.

Some North American prehistoric horses were coastal couch potatoes

February 2019

Much like today's Assateague Horses and unlike today's zebras, prehistoric horses in parts of North America did not make epic migrations to find food or fresh water, according to a new study by the University of Cincinnati. The findings suggest Florida was something of a horse paradise 5 million years ago, providing everything the animals could want in a relatively small area. The study was published in the journal Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. Plains zebras and Mongolian wild horses take on epic migrations each year to find water or green grass.

Equitation Scientists Challenge 'Misinformation' on Welfare Research

February 2019

In an open letter, the International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) asked World Horse Welfare (WHW) to publicly rectify “a number of incorrect claims and insinuations” made by Olympian and WHW trustee Richard Davison regarding noseband research at their recent conference. Roly Owers, MRCVS, WHW chief executive responded and praised Richard Davison for sharing his personal opinions and encouraging debate on issues affecting sport horse welfare. Hon. President of ISES was asked by WHW to publish the response.   

Sport Horse Welfare and SociaLicence to Operate: A Professional Development Event.

December 2018

Horse SA is host to the world-first cross-sector racing and equestrian welfareprofessional development event examines the ‘why and how to’ of state-of-the-art welfare assessment plus the public discourse on horse sport social licence to operate at Hahndorf, South Australia in February 2019.   Day one overview: Professor Emeritus David Mellor, Massey University New Zealand: Development of understanding leading to state of the art welfare assessment.

2019 International Equitation Science Conference will be held in Canada

November 2018

Preparations are underway for the 2019 International Equitation Science Conference: Bringing Science to the Stable. The event will be hosted by The University of Guelph - Canada’s largest and most renowned agricultural university and one of only five veterinary colleges in Canada. The conference will explore what science has uncovered about the unique horse-human connection under the title: Horse-human relationships: Where have we come from? Where are we now? Where are we going?

Equitation Science Conference Underway

October 2018

The 14th International Society of Equitation Science conference has begun! The world’s leading equine and welfare scientists have gathered in Rome to share their latest research at the 14th International Equitation Science Conference. This year’s ISES conference features one of the most exciting and varied programmes to date, with over 140 different plenary lectures, oral and poster presentations, workshops and practical demonstrations exploring the best of what’s new in equine science.

Equitation Science 150 years after Caprilli: Theory and Practice, the Full Circle

September 2018

On September 21 the world’s leading equine scientists, students and practitioners will gather in Rome for the 14th annual International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) conference. This year’s theme of Equine welfare: good training, good feeding, good housing, good mental state, good health, good behaviour will be addressed by equitation scientists presenting their latest research findings in a packed programme of plenary lectures, oral and poster presentations, workshops and practical demonstrations.

Nosebands: New Zealand votes to amend rules

August 2018

At their recent National Conference, Dressage New Zealand (DNZ) voted to amend the noseband rule which now states: "It must be possible to place one finger comfortably between the noseband and the nasal planum (front of the nose)". Whilst not quite the two-finger spacing that was originally submitted by North Island Riders Representative Alicia Zeludlko and Jody Hartstone with the support of area group Dressage Bay of Plenty, changing the place where noseband tightness is checked is a huge step in the right direction towards welfare improvements in their sport.

Results Are In on the Horse Identification and Traceability Survey

July 2018

A NSW survey of over 2000 horse owners shows 91% are in support of a national horse database. The need for a national database is one of the issues raised by the tragic death of Sarah Waugh who died while undertaking a jillaroo training course at Dubbo TAFE in 2009. The incident sparked a coronial inquiry and raised many questions regarding the lack of regulation in the horse industry.


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