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Changes to Biosecurity Act: What You Need To Know Before July 2016

July 2016

New Biosecurity Laws will come into effect on the 1st July 2016, as part of the long-awaited Biosecurity Act. This Act replaces the Quarantine Act of 1908 and will change the way horse owners, event organisers and the equestrian industry as a whole manage current biosecurity laws and legislation, particularly those in biosecurity-sensitive Queensland. Harriet Leahy reports on the most important aspects all horse owners need to know. 

RunHappy... Horse Racing in America

May 2016

Sid Gustafson reports from the Breeders' Cup in America and gives an insight into the permitted pre-race medication debate... After a hard rain during the days before, sunshine greeted the Breeders' Cup horses Thursday morning at Keeneland, the home of Lexington’s Thoroughbred racing. The persistent drizzle and Kentucky humidity softened the turf and muddied the main track. Lexington, Kentucky is the horse raising capital of America, a most fitting location for the 2015 Breeders’ Cup, America’s drug-permissive horse racing championship. 

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Successful with Military Veterans

April 2016

A social work faculty is researching the equine assisted psychotherapy model as an add-on to existing conventional therapy, with the aim of helping military personnel and veterans to resolve post-traumatic stress issues. Although it is known to help people address mental and behavioral health issues, the evidence-based research remains limited. New Mexico State University School of Social Work Associate Professor Wanda Whittlesey-Jerome is dedicating her academic career to establishing and promoting scientific standards for gathering such information.

Pressure Mounts as Riders Defend Their Right to Choose

April 2016

Pressure is mounting on equestrian sports governing bodies to allow riders freedom when choosing the equipment they use on their horses during competitions. A new proposition to change the official competition rules has been submitted to the Equestrian Federation of Finland, asking for specific rules changes and for their proposals to be officially submitted to the FEI. 

A Bright Future for Western Dressage

March 2016

North American Western Dressage is leading the way towards fairer and more ethical training and competitions by improving the objectivity and transparency of their Dressage Judging Scoring System.  True to their mission to be the ‘Future of Western Horsemanship’, the NAWD’s judging leadership implements a continual development philosophy, so when they learned about Dr McLean’s proposal for an Objective Judging Scoring system, they decided to act, adopt and implement the reforms.

Quest to preserve Tom Roberts’ legacy

August 2015

The Australian equestrian community is getting behind a project that will see the legacy of Tom Roberts preserved and promoted to a wider audience. Tom Roberts is a legendary horse trainer and author whose revolutionary teachings contributed greatly to the more sympathetic, modern approach to the riding and training of horses that we know today. 

FEI suspends UAE over welfare and corruption concerns

April 2015

Following serious concerns and ongoing investigations over the treatment of endurance horses and rule violations, the FEI Bureau has suspended the entire Equestrian Federation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for an indeterminate period. 

The Bitting Seminar: Perspectives from Inside and Outside of the Horse’s Mouth

February 2015

Part I: For Veterinarians Part II: For Horse Enthusiasts and Professionals Overview This world-first veterinary seminar on the effects of bitting on oral health and equine behaviour will discuss a range of topics on the influence of the bit on the health of the oral cavity and the horse’s behaviour - topics that are, generally, not well understood and thus under appreciated. 

The Bowker Lectures 2015 Lecture summary

January 2015

This year's Bowker Lectures taking place in February 21st to 23rd, at the Pinnacle Valley Resord in Merrijig, Victoria, promise to appeal to everyone involved in the horse industry and especially to those with more than a passing interest in the equine hoof and body therapy. With an impressive cast of speakers who are all leaders in their fields of study, the conference will present up-to-date, relevant information in the ever evolving field of equine science. 

Equitation Events Code of Conduct: ISES and WDM join forces to develop an international code of conduct for horse events

July 2014

Collaboration between the International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) and leading dressage show sponsors World Dressage Masters (WDM) have resulted in a code of conduct that aims to ensure optimal horse-rider welfare and safety at equestrian events across the world. World Dressage Masters approached the International Society for Equitation Science requesting the society develop ethical guidelines that promote and safeguard equine welfare during equestrian events.


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