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The Bowker Lectures 2015 Lecture summary

January 2015

This year's Bowker Lectures taking place in February 21st to 23rd, at the Pinnacle Valley Resord in Merrijig, Victoria, promise to appeal to everyone involved in the horse industry and especially to those with more than a passing interest in the equine hoof and body therapy. With an impressive cast of speakers who are all leaders in their fields of study, the conference will present up-to-date, relevant information in the ever evolving field of equine science. 

Equitation Events Code of Conduct: ISES and WDM join forces to develop an international code of conduct for horse events

July 2014

Collaboration between the International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) and leading dressage show sponsors World Dressage Masters (WDM) have resulted in a code of conduct that aims to ensure optimal horse-rider welfare and safety at equestrian events across the world. World Dressage Masters approached the International Society for Equitation Science requesting the society develop ethical guidelines that promote and safeguard equine welfare during equestrian events.

Flair Nasal Strip Reduces Lung Damage

July 2014

Amid continuing debate on the decision to allow Thoroughbred racehorse California Chrome to wear a nasal strip in the Belmont Stakes, two researchers at the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine have found nasal strips can have health benefits for horses. Professor emeritus of anatomy and physiology Howard Erickson and Professor of kinesiology, anatomy and physiology David Poole have found the Flair nasal strip, commonly used in the racing industry, can help reduce lung damage in horses.

Australian Event first to embrace the International Equestrian Events Code of Conduct

June 2014

Let your forelock loose and get fancy free at the ACT's Unbridled Festival! To coincide with the Chinese Year of the Horse, the Australian Capital Territory is organising the inaugural ‘Unbridled; Festival of Horses, Music and Food’ on November 15th. Not only will the festival honour all that is wonderful about our four-hoofed friends, it will also be a celebration of fantastic music and delectable food.

Best and Fairest Horsemanship Challenge

May 2014

A study has revealed that whilst pony club horses are much-loved members of the family, their health and wellbeing does not always reflect this. The fact that veterinarians are rarely consulted for health advice was a major concern, as was the clear lack of an evidence-based approach to pony nutrition, internal parasite control, hoof care and dental care, as well as regular vaccination. Instead, most ponies are managed by trial and error.

Greatest Racehorse to be Cloned

May 2014

Researchers at the University of London’s Department of Veterinary Embryology have successfully created viable fibroblasts using genetic material from history’s greatest racehorse, Eclipse - an 18th Century Thoroughbred who won 18 races. Using the genetic material in tail hair, which had been woven into the tassel of ‘The Whip’, the prize of the self-named race, marks the first successful step towards a live clone. 

Horses Inside Out Australian Tour

March 2014

7th of April - 7pm - 9.30pm - Gatton Indoor Equestrian Centre, Qld GET TO KNOW YOUR HORSE INSIDE OUT - Evening Session Tickets are selling fast! Purchase your early bird tickets now for $55.00, ($75 at the door if available).  Book Now! Click Here 7.00 The Skeletal System Using both, horses and PowerPoint

Horses and People Raising the Standards

February 2014

In order to improve racehorse wastage statistics, Horses and People Magazine is launching an awareness and education campaign to encourage leisure and sport riders to turn Standardbred racehorses from track to hack. Racehorse wastage is the term that refers to the number of horses that are removed from the racing industry. It is estimated that a large percentage of foals bred in Australia will never start in a race1, with many young and often healthy horses sent to slaughterhouses every year.

Annual show improves equine welfare in The Gambia

February 2014

With over 200 horses, donkeys and mules in attendance, last month's Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust annual show proved that education is improving the standards of equine welfare in the region. The Annual Horse and Donkey Show is an opportunity for Gambians to gain rewards for taking excellent care of their working animals and it proves that it is possible to maintain a healthy working equine in The Gambia, despite the difficult living conditions and prevalence of tropical diseases.

Can 3D Printed Shoes help win the Melbourne Cup?

November 2013

CSIRO scientists in Australia have custom made and 3D printed a set of purple titanium shoes for one Melbourne racehorse – in a first for the sport. The horse, dubbed by researchers as ‘Titanium Prints’, had its hooves scanned with a handheld 3D scanner this week. Using 3D modelling software, the scan was used to design the perfect fitting, lightweight racing shoe and four customised shoes were printed within only a few hours.


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