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War Horse Opens in Brisbane

August 2013

The stage adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's War Horse has once again captured the hearts and imaginations of an Australian audience. The awe-inspiring production, presented by the National Theatre of Britain in collaboration with Global Creatures, was welcomed with tremendous applause at its first Queensland performance on Saturday 6th July. Through life-size puppetry and a myriad of breath-taking special effects, War Horse brings to life the battles of World War I as seen through the eyes of a horse.

Equine ER... Would you know what to do?

August 2012

A 15.2hh, 200-kilo rubber horse called ‘Bruce’ has arrived in Australia to help train equine vets, emergency responders and RSPCA Inspectors to safely rescue horses trapped in life-threatening situations. Unfortunately, these experts are not routinely trained in the specialised techniques used to rescue horses and unwittingly can put their own lives and the horses at risk by using dangerous practises and harmful procedures.

Government responding to hendra

July 2012

On 11th October, 2011 The Honorable Tim Mulherin, Minister for Agriculture, Food and Regional Economies under the Bligh Government, announced that $7 million of government funding will be put forward to assist with Hendra Virus research.  

Riding along side Banjo

July 2012

Can you imagine a time where mates were called Clancy and Banjo? The rivers shimmered with gold, and whiskey and tobacco were traded from bullock carts on the river flats; Your life’s possessions consisted of a mountain pony equipped with saddle, bridle, oilskin, stock whip and swag.

Equitation Science at the BHS Convention

October 2011

Dr Andrew McLean presents at the British Horse Society's 2011 Convention by Lisa Ashton, ISES Education Officer and Director of EquiSci Dr Andrew McLean delivered the 2011 Spring Convention for the British Horse Society to over 300 equestrian coaches, to show that a solid understanding of learning theory (the way the horse learns) is the foundation to safe, successful and ethical horse training, and better for horse welfare. Equitation science is the science of horse riding and training. It includes learning theory, ethology and cognition, biomechanics, psychology and sports science.

Hendra Virus Back with a Vengeance

September 2011

Hendra Virus is back with a vengeance... The fact of the matter is that Hendra has never gone away. The disease is here, is a fact of life, and the reality is that we all have to learn to live with it. Commonsense, understanding the disease, and some basic management steps will ensure that we can all still enjoy our equestrian activities with a minimum of risk. An understanding of some simple facts regarding Hendra virus provide us with the keys to management that will allow us to eliminate, or certainly dramatically reduce, the risks from this disease.

Doc's Fancy Roy...

October 2009

by Sophie Houlihan, photos by Tania Hobbs Fancy noun - bred for some special feature or excellence of type: said of animals.

Ethical Equitation. The ISES 2009 Symposium

September 2009

The theme of the 2009 International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) Symposium

Horse Movement Requirements - A reminder

June 2008

The following information is important for all horse owners and event organisers to follow and a reminder that the EI situation is not entirely over. The current requirements for event organisers are: • to register their event with the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries ( DPI&F), • collect Waybills or Queensland Horse Inter-Zone Declarations, and • encourage basic Biosecurity. All this information is available on-line at

Land Transport Standards Open for Public Comment

May 2008

Reminder that submissions must be received by close of business 27 May 2008. AHIC is able to pass on submissions, we need to receive them as soon as possible please. Proposed new standards and guidelines for the land transport of livestock in Australia have been released for public comment.   The draft standards, coordinated by Animal Health Australia, cover the transport of sheep, cattle, pigs, poultry and horses. They also cover goats, buffalo, camels, deer, alpacas, emus and ostriches.


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