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Horse Trails - It's Not a Done Deal Yet

May 2008

Although the Minister Andrew McNamara announced on December 23rd,2007, that horse riding was to be allowed in soon to gazetted new National Parks ( currently State Forests) the Australian Horse Alliance negotiating committee was immediately aware of a backlash from extreme conservation organisations. Dr. Aila Keto of the Rainforest Foundation never makes announcements herself nor does the Rainforest Foundation. They use splinter groups such as Gecko on the Gold Coast

AHIC Industry Advisory Committee agrees in principle to EADRA levies

May 2008

  On Wednesday this week the Australian Horse Industry Council's Industry Advisory Committee met and discussed the proposed Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement (EADRA) and horse levy Bills. {C} Following the recent Equine Influenza scare, this proposal of a levy to pay for disease outbreaks was a topical issue, which took most of the groups' attention.

EFA Equestrian Coaching and NCAS Program

May 2008

The Equestrian Federation of Australia recognises that coaching is a practical occupation. The coach must have the knowledge of the subject that he or she is teaching to be able to coach effectively. Riders benefit from knowing how, why and which way to perform a movement or task and the aim of our scheme is to train coaches who can explain, demonstrate and teach riders at the level at which they are accredited.

Queensland Horse Industry Ready to Gallop Ahead

May 2008

Queensland’s Horse Industry made a huge and positive step forward on March 14 towards being a united industry, by endorsing the Queensland Horse Council Inc (QHC) as the State’s Peak Industry Body at a Conference in Brisbane. Over 170 delegates from across the State, representing Queensland’s pleasure and performance horse sector attended the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries “The Way Forward” conference, as the final part of the industry engagement workshops and forums.

An Open Invitation

April 2008

Beaudesert Country and Horse Festival – Parade of 1000 Hooves – Sunday June 15th We really want to make this parade a very special one where everyone can come out and celebrate with their equine friends and show off to the world that Australia has been declared EI Free and that EI has been eradicated from our lives and especially from the horses, donkeys, mules et al. With maintained vigilance – by this Parade date of Sunday June 15th – protocols have been minimized. Everyone please keep up the great work.

Subsidised vaccination scheme ends

April 2008

The National Consultative Committee on Emergency Animal Diseases has decided to cease funding for subsidised vaccinations in Queensland’s green and vaccination buffer zones. Queensland’s successful eradication strategy means that the subsidised vaccination program is no longer needed. Acting Queensland Chief Veterinary Officer Keith McCubbin said that the decision was based on substantial evidence that EI is no longer circulating in the Queensland horse population. “All the evidence from our surveillance program indicates that EI has been eradicated,” Mr McCubbin said.

Understanding the new Queensland Horse Inter-zone Declaration

April 2008

Horse owners wishing to move their horses into or out of the green zone may have come into contact with the new Queensland Horse Inter-zone Declaration in the past week. There have been some technical challenges with this online declaration however staff are quickly eliminating the final issues in the system and horse owners can feel confident in calling the Business Information Centre on 13 25 23 or visiting to complete the declaration. What is the Qld Horse Interzone Declaration?

Procedures for Running Events

April 2008

DPI&F need all people running any kind of event to notify them at least seven days before the proposed day of the event of their intention to conduct the event. Email to for an event notification form. 1. This applies to both GREEN and WHITE zone events 2. A way bill must be carried at all times when travelling horses, or 3. If moving from Green to White a Queensland Horse Inter-zone Declaration must be used. 4.

Queensland's Horse Industry Gallops Ahead

April 2008

Queensland’s Horse Industry made a huge and positive step forward yesterday towards being a united industry, by endorsing the Queensland Horse Council Inc (QHC) as the State’s Peak Industry Body at a Conference in Brisbane. Queensland Horse Council President Julie de Visser says, “It is our understanding that the purpose of this conference was to assist the pleasure and performance horse sector to self-determine its future and to assist industry to unite.”

Queensland takes another step towards being EI free

April 2008

In a major move towards finally declaring Queensland free of equine influenza, Minister for Primary Industries and Fisheries Tim Mulherin said that from tomorrow (Friday, March 14), the current Amber Zone would become Green. "We are in the final stages of confirming once and for all that we have eradicated EI from our state,'' Mr Mulherin said. "If there are no further cases detected, we should be able to declare ourselves EI free by June 30, with international recognition of freedom on Christmas Day, one year after the last horses were known to be infected.


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