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EI Crisis - A Different Perspective

April 2008

With the EI situation moving from a crisis stage to a ‘project’ level of management, it has become a matter of urgency for the equestrian industry to start recognising itself as more than just a network of un-integrated breeds and disciplines and to start operating in a more unified, structured and professional manner.

Horse Expo Postponed for 2008

April 2008

The Directors of Horse Australia Rockhampton Association Inc have made the difficult decision to postpone the Horse Australia Exposition altogether for 2008. However, many elements will be wrapped into sister expo Beef Australia 2009 from Monday, 4 to Friday, 8 May next year. Event Manager Noel Landry says a number of critical factors came into play for the decision to be made. “Hosting an event of the size and scale of the Horse Expo presented many challenges in the post Equine Influenza landscape and the board has decided to err on the side of caution” said Mr Landry.

Government to postpone debate on horse levy legislation

April 2008

The Rudd Government will postpone debate on legislation which would help the horse industry to deal with the cost of emergency disease outbreaks until after the Callinan Inquiry has reported its findings.

Draft Charter for the Future

April 2008

Vision The Queensland Performance and Pleasure Horse Industry becomes completely sustainable in the 21st century and all people and organisations in the Queensland Performance and Pleasure Horse Industry are truly represented and fully promoted to all stakeholders and the wider community. Mission To develop and administer the Performance and Pleasure Horse Industry for all persons and organisations in Queensland and to ensure ‘one’ voice for all stakeholders who have an interest in the promotion, development, participation and involvement in the industry.

Horse Charter Nothing New

April 2008

A proposed Horse Industry Charter is currently being promoted on the DPI & F website. "The proposed Charter is nothing new", said Queensland Horse Council President Julie de Visser. "The QHC has been operating under these points in our Constitution for the past 21 years. Additionally many points in the Proposed New Charter are in our QHC brochure which has been publicly available for the past 2 years. The QHC has flagged career development as a large part of our recent Youth Programs.

Free Business Sustainability Workshops Ending Soon

April 2008

Equine industry members and business operators have until the end of March to benefit from a series of free business sustainability workshops that will improve their capacity to manage unforeseen events.

Mission Accomplished

April 2008

In October last year, the Queensland Performance and Pleasure Horse Crisis Committee was formed to assist in the engagement between the Queensland Government and this sector of the industry. In October last year, the Queensland Performance and Pleasure Horse Crisis Committee was formed to assist in the engagement between the Queensland Government and this sector of the industry. At the beginning of the EI crisis, this sector needed a mechanism to work with the government and provide detailed and informed advice on the impacts of the disease.

Australian study links insulin and laminitis

March 2008

Scientists have taken another step towards unravelling the mystery of laminitis. Researchers in Australia have implicated insulin as a cause of laminitis

Industry to Pay Levy

March 2008

The Rudd Government has stated that ‘The equine influenza outbreak in Australia appears to be over. Now the horse industry will have to start helping to pay the cost of eradication”.

EI Crisis - Why You Should be Informed and Involved

March 2008

It is vitally important that we horse owners come out of the EI crisis stronger and much more cohesive than before. EI has been an eye opener to many people who never realised that an exotic disease could create such havoc on the industry, on lifestyles and on equine businesses. It has been an eye opener to the government who did not realise that the industry is so large and potentially powerful.


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