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Mission Accomplished

April 2008

In October last year, the Queensland Performance and Pleasure Horse Crisis Committee was formed to assist in the engagement between the Queensland Government and this sector of the industry. In October last year, the Queensland Performance and Pleasure Horse Crisis Committee was formed to assist in the engagement between the Queensland Government and this sector of the industry. At the beginning of the EI crisis, this sector needed a mechanism to work with the government and provide detailed and informed advice on the impacts of the disease.

Australian study links insulin and laminitis

March 2008

Scientists have taken another step towards unravelling the mystery of laminitis. Researchers in Australia have implicated insulin as a cause of laminitis

Industry to Pay Levy

March 2008

The Rudd Government has stated that ‘The equine influenza outbreak in Australia appears to be over. Now the horse industry will have to start helping to pay the cost of eradication”.

EI Crisis - Why You Should be Informed and Involved

March 2008

It is vitally important that we horse owners come out of the EI crisis stronger and much more cohesive than before. EI has been an eye opener to many people who never realised that an exotic disease could create such havoc on the industry, on lifestyles and on equine businesses. It has been an eye opener to the government who did not realise that the industry is so large and potentially powerful.

Qld Horse Council Ready for EI Recovery

March 2008

The Queensland Horse Council Inc. is committed to continuing its role as the peak industry body in Queensland as the industry moves from EI crisis to recovery management. This weekend the Queensland Horse Council Inc (QHC) formed an Industry Advisory Committee comprised of delegates from its wide base of member organizations. “The purpose of this committee is to liaise with State and Federal Governments regarding industry issues. Of course its current focus will be on the EI recovery process”, newly appointed QHC President Mrs Julie de Visser advised.

Support your Saddleries!

December 2007

Go on! Have a very “Tacky” Christmas, but be sure to do your Christmas shopping at saddleries and produce stores this year. Don’t forget that these stores are the ones who sponsor and reward you the competitors, at local, state and national levels when times are good.

2008 Olympic Hopefuls Have Their Say on EI

December 2007

Olympic Hopefuls Have Their Say By Sarah Ingham – Eventing rider. Today I spoke to some of our leading elite Eventing riders and selectors. I wanted to know as a rider myself how our peers were coping with this devastating epademic. I also wanted to know if they thought it would affect Australian based riders chances at the 2008 Olympics.

Coughs and Snotty Noses - But not Equine Influenza?

December 2007

Firstly let me say that I am not a veterinarian, just an equine owner with an inquisitive mind. I was prompted to find some answers to a baffling question after hearing of a number of reports of negative results for EI in tested animals that showed all the clinical signs of the disease. The AUSTVETPLAN on Equine Influenza states that there a several diseases that could show similar clinical signs to that of Equine Influenza.  

The Origins of Horse Whispering

December 2007

Throughout the first, and a good deal of the second millennium, the Horse was regarded by many as a mystical animal. The names of certain horses, like Alexander’s Bucephalus or Caligula’s Equine Roman senator Incitatus have achieved lasting historical fame, while others, such as El Morzillo - mount to Hernando Cortes during his 1525 campaign to conquer Mexico - came to be regarded as Gods!


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