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Proteins in Horse Nutrition... Confused? Brought to you by Stance Equine

August 2011

Dr Tim Kempton, Stance Equine Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and play an important role in muscle development, hoof growth and coat condition as well as immune system, nervous system and hormonal function. In addition, amino acids supply the horse with a valuable source of energy. Most of the amino acids required by the horse can be manufactured in the horse’s body. There are however 10 amino acids that cannot be manufactured by the horse and thus must be supplied in the diet: these are termed the essential amino acids.

Forage Trees for Horses, Back to Basics Series

May 2011

  Graziers and browsers? In a natural system, horses and other equus species browse various shrubs, trees and water plants to balance nutrients.

Nutrition and health of the modern horse, brought to you by Stance Equine

April 2011

The dietary and metabolic issues concerning the horse of today  are not necessarily the same as those of yesteryear, as a result of our change in lifestyle, and greater reliance on mechanical means for industry and transport.  Dr Tim Kempton, Stance Equine.   Horses are now fed either an improved pasture, which contains genetically selected, digestible plant  species designed for cattle and sheep or they are stall fed, and given a range of fibre and concentrates (that are selected by humans).

Back to basics -- Choosing Roughage

November 2010

Choosing Roughage


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