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Personal stories

For the Love of Sarah

August 2018

This story is very personal to me. I did not know teenager Sarah Waugh who fell from a bolting horse and died at Dubbo TAFE in 2009, but I know - and deeply admire - her parents, Juliana and Mark Waugh. Our lives entwined through ‘happenstance’, when I reached out to them after becoming a pariah in my horse community for being passionate about improving safety.

The Annual Round Up of Spain's Marsh Mares

October 2017

Image source: The Doñana National Park in Huelva province in southern Spain is one of Europe’s most important wetland areas. Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1994, it is a haven for fauna, such as the Imperial Eagle and the Pardel Lynx. 

Holding on to your Sweetheart

December 2018

On our November 2018 issue cover, a photo by Louise Sedgman of Angie Johnson and her Quarter Horse and sweetheart ‘RL Double Hunch’ (a.k.a. Hunch), a 17-year-old gelding who is a double cross to the stallion Hunch Bid. Angie grew up immersed in the Western showing industry, mentored by her mother who showed successfully while Angie was a child. It didn’t take long before she was competing in leadline classes and junior showmanship.

Will You Watch The Cup?

December 2018

I loved the Melbourne Cup until I hated it, and then, later, became ambivalent. My ambivalence was hard-earned. As a child I found there was much to love about the cup. I was a horse-mad girl and for one day the rest of the nation got my passion. The whole country stopped to watch horses. The whole country talked about horses. I watched the grainy images of horses galloping on the small black and white television at school; we were allowed to watch it.

October 2018 Issue Cover: Finding Your Heart Horse

November 2018

On this month’s cover we feature Louise Sedgeman’s portrait of Keren Robertson and her bay roan Quarter Horse gelding Wicked Mind, better known as Barry - the horse with a personality so large he has a Facebook following! Keren’s ‘horse journey’ took an unexpected turn when, after thirteen years working with racehorses, she made the switch to the western performance arena.

Just Follow Your Dream

October 2018

Featured on our September 2018 cover are Shana Majdak and her Off The Track Thoroughbred gelding Melman, beautifully photographed by Olya Tutova from 42beats. At 19 and passionate about teaching, Shana is determined to do what she loves and follow her dream of - one day - owning a horse property and running her own riding school.

A Lifelong Bond

August 2018

On our August 2018 issue cover is a gorgeous photo by Louise Sedgman of Jess Rae and her 4-year-old Thoroughbred- warmblood cross mare London. A paramedic, wife and mum to children aged 2 and 5, Jess had been out of horses for some years when her husband Cam, a veterinarian working at the Gippsland Veterinary Hospital bought a batch of semen from Marion Shear’s warmblood stallion Merlin, as a Christmas present with the aim to breed a foal that would allow Jess to get back into horses.

Green Pony Blog: On the Trail

August 2018

Sunday afternoon trail riding. Me on old Floss; my teenage daughter Lauren on young, green Dante, which is becoming the way we go. Four years ago, when I bought Dante as a yearling, I thought I’d bought him for myself, but as he has grown up, so too has Lauren. She’s outgrown her little Welsh pony who has now gone off on free lease. We are down to just Floss and Dante, and Lauren loves Dante best. Floss is mine; really my dream pony – the little chestnut with a white blaze and socks that I dreamed of as a child and finally got in my forties.

Life-Changing Friendships

July 2018

On our cover this month, a photo by Olya Tutova from 42beats of Lisa Drayton with Sam, the 16-year-old Friesian Warmblood she’s owned for 10 years and his new best friend, Gracie, who needed a forever home and is keeping Sam company since his buddy, Libby, passed away some months ago.

In Search of Europe’s Wild Horses

July 2018

It is dusk. We have made camp in a sloping meadow at the end of a spur, tucked between hills and tree-filled valleys. The last of the light burnishes the long grass in gold. Our day has been spent clinging to the interior of an intrepid 4WD as it negotiated the full range of its capabilities, hiking across a plateau, swapping between binoculars and long camera lenses. We have come to Bulgaria in search of the new wild horses of Europe and with the help of Hristo Hristov, Rewilding Rhodopes’ horse project officer, we have been delivered straight to them on Day One. 


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