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Personal stories

In Search of Europe’s Wild Horses

July 2018

It is dusk. We have made camp in a sloping meadow at the end of a spur, tucked between hills and tree-filled valleys. The last of the light burnishes the long grass in gold. Our day has been spent clinging to the interior of an intrepid 4WD as it negotiated the full range of its capabilities, hiking across a plateau, swapping between binoculars and long camera lenses. We have come to Bulgaria in search of the new wild horses of Europe and with the help of Hristo Hristov, Rewilding Rhodopes’ horse project officer, we have been delivered straight to them on Day One. 

The Little Things Matter

July 2018

It began innocently enough. As a baby, Dante would ‘mouth’ everything, just tickling things with his lips and often licking them - the hitching rail, the gate, a saddle blanket, a saddle - anything novel that came his way. It was funny when he was a year old. Now that he’s five, it has become annoying. 

An Australian Treasure Trove

May 2018

In a plain suburban house lies, mostly undiscovered, a treasure trove of magnificent and beautifully crafted horse drawn carriages that tell the story of earlier times when these fascinating vehicles, in their many different varieties of design and type, were an essential part of daily life. 


May 2018

A couple of days after a big ride, I turn up at the horses’ paddock. Dante looks up from eating and watches me as I come through the gate. I reach out to stroke his nose, and he turns and walks away. He goes and stands behind the dominant mare in the herd and eyes me across her back. I walk around in front of her and reach out to him. He ducks back around behind Magic, keeping her between us. 

Thanks Heavens for the Horses

April 2018

On this month’s cover, we feature a photo by Louise Sedgman of Debbie Williams and her Clydesdale-cross, ‘Woody’, one of the horses that holds a very special part of her heart. As chance would have it, Debbie entered and won a photoshoot with Louise at a crucial moment in her life. 

In the Company of Trailblazers

April 2018

It is a chilly Summer evening in an Adelaide Hills community hall, but the subject of horses is running red-hot. Gatherings such as this might have once taken place informally at the local agricultural show or blacksmith’s shop.  Modern times, however, call for a modern approach. Tonight’s meeting is an interactive ‘horse industry briefing’, a first-of-its-kind held by South Australia’s proactive horse council, Horse SA.

Growing Up Slowly

April 2018

Dante turned five. In many ways, it’s hard to believe he’s that old.  I see five-year-old horses for sale. Horses that have already been there and done that, and that look all grown up. Some of them have had short stints as racehorses, been spelled, and come back as pleasure or competition horses. Others have been bred for competition and are already out there doing the hard yards. 

Learning to Trust Again

March 2018

Featured on our cover this month are Kathy Cohalan and her Clydesdale-cross mare, Lola, beautifully photographed by Ann Killeen of Equus Photography.  Kathy purchased Lola for just $200 from a girl who found her at the sale yards sometime earlier, but she remained untrained and, eventually, unwanted until Kathy came along.  "The girl who first bought Lola obviously didn't have the time or skills or money to put into her," says Kathy. "But, the moment I laid my eyes on her, I knew there was something in her.

After the Christmas Break

March 2018

Over Christmas and into the New Year, time slips by, consumed by family commitments and being away. It’s all good stuff, but it means, in three weeks, Dante only gets ridden for one quick ride. Other than that, he is hanging with the herd, my agistment people keeping an eye on him and feeding him. When I finally wrangle a horsey day into the Summer schedule, I’m curious as to how he will be after so little attention, and perhaps slightly nervous.

Under the Spell

February 2018

For this first issue of 2018, our front cover features a lovely Summer image by Louise Sedgman of Joy and her 13-year-old registered Appaloosa gelding Destiny’s Power, better known as Merlin.  Joy purchased Merlin as a a three-year-old just over 10 years ago. “He wasn’t really what I was looking for at the time, but what attracted me to him was his quiet temperament,” she says.  


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