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Personal stories

Green Pony Blog: Oops! I Bought a Yearling

May 2017

Honestly, I didn’t mean to. I had no intention of buying a young horse. Having come to horse ownership in middle age, I was happy with my 18 year old mare, Floss. But, when my riding buddy Helen asked me to go with her on a six hour return journey to look at a yearling she was vaguely thinking of buying, I didn’t hesitate. Helen and I had spent many hours out riding our mares, both in their late teens (unlike us) and both with some issues (possibly like us), talking about what sort of horse would appeal to us when our mares really were too old.

Worth Their Weight in Gold

April 2017

They say some horses will test you, some will teach you and some will bring out the best in you. Ol’ Jay is of the last type... That once-in-a-lifetime, worth-her-weight-in-gold horse every little girl dreams of.  A 29-year-old veteran, Rey Jays Trouble Q.22585 (a.k.a. Ol’ Jay) now finds herself in the good care of the Kimber family; saddler and professional rodeo rider dad Lenny, stud master, club secretary and mum Tarni, and their three horse-mad children, Maddison, Keene-Riley and Ebony who seem determined to continue the long family tradition. 

Green Pony Blog: Standing Firmly in the Paddock

April 2017

There was an incident in the paddock. Like many incidents involving horses, it happened quickly. Fortunately, this one had a happy ending. It started innocently enough – don’t they all? I went into the paddock with a couple of feed buckets. Generally, the small herd of six where my three horses live is very polite around feed time. I walked past Cruiser, who had already been given his bucket near the fence, with two buckets – one for my old girl Floss and another for my young boy Dante. 

An Enduring Passion for Horses

March 2017

Just over a year has passed since we featured Jodee O’Leary and her chesnut horse, ‘Bobby’, on our cover.  After being caught in the devastating South Australian bushfires of 2015, losing a beloved pony, the family home and all their posessions, Jodee inspired us with her positive attitude, and determination to rebuild a future and create new memories.

Green Pony Blog: What's Going on Back There?

December 2016

As I loaded my mare, Floss, and my young boy, Dante, into the float, I realised they had never travelled together before. Generally, I’ve chosen to float Dante with our little Welsh pony Timmy, who is a floating star. Floss has never been great in the float, although she has slowly improved over recent years, with a lot of work. Even so, I’ve always thought it better for Dante to travel in company with a better float coach, so have generally worked it so he goes with someone other than Floss.

A Bright Future

December 2016

“I love that feeling of freedom and calmness that horses give,” says Mollie McMaster, a young Tasmanian entrepreneur who is turning her passion for horses and her dream to work in the industry into a successful business.  From her family’s property in Campania, Tasmania, Mollie runs, singlehandedly, Lynbrae Equine, an online saddlery which has grown organically from just one line to now stocking a wide range of carefully selected products. 

For the Love of Horses

December 2016

Three sisters and an unforgettable journey to tame New Zealand’s Kaimanawa horses.  'For the Love of Horses' is a heartfelt story with humble beginnings in rural north New Zealand. Chronicling the trials and tears of Pony Club, the joy of riding bareback, and the pressures of adolescence and competitive show-jumping, it follows the Wilson sisters’ remarkable rise to success at the highest level of competition. It is also the story of an unlikely childhood dream coming true.

Green Pony Blog: Going to the Dogs

December 2016

Dante has grown up around dogs – he’s always lived on properties with dogs and has never had any issues with them. My Labrador stands under his feet licking the trimmings off the ground as I rasp his feet. But, a little while back, as we were going down a road - me on my old girl, Floss, and Dante ponying along beside us - three dogs ran down a driveway and barked ferociously at us. They were behind a gate and no real danger, but Dante jumped out of his skin.

Weaving Connections

December 2016

It starts with a few strands of hair cut from a horse’s tail. For several days, the hair is cleaned. The craftswoman sets to work: a skeleton of vegetable fibre is made. Around this structure, she weaves a strand of hair. She shapes it as she weaves, moulding and pressing.  When one strand ends, she weaves in another. She needs no more than two or three hairs. She ties off the last strand with a sewing needle and the shape is complete. This is crin: a traditional technique of miniature basketry weaving using horse hair. 

Subzero: The People's Horse

December 2016

In 1992, a grey horse led the field past the post to take the Melbourne Cup: Subzero, trained by Lee Freedman and ridden by Greg Hall. It was the crowning achievement of his racing career, but for four-year-old Subzero, it was only the beginning of his story.  Now 28, the extraordinary life of this ex-racehorse is the subject of a new book by racing commentator and lifelong fan Adam Crettenden. It is the story not only of Subzero’s life after racing, but of his enduring partnership with owner Graham Salisbury, who gave this horse a new purpose off the track. 


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