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Personal stories

Tracey Barry

April 2016

We talk with Tracey Barry about her achievements in dressage, returning to riding, and her passion for re-homing and re-educating Standardbreds. What do you do? I’m a nurse working part-time in pathology in Queensland. Where were you born? I was born in the United Kingdom, but have lived in Australia since I was a small child. Where are you living now? I now live in Jimboomba and have lived in Queensland most of my life.

Unharnessed Potential: March 2016

April 2016

Kandy This is Kandy. Her race name was River of Candy. She raced a total of 10 times, after which she was retired and used as a broodmare. My horse had just passed away when the owner contacted me about her. I said “No” as I didn’t want another horse. But, I was talked into just going and looking at her.  As soon as I set eyes on her, I was totally in love. So, of course, I said “Yes”, I would take her and picked her up a week later.

Dream, Believe and Enjoy the Ride

April 2016

When we first came across young South Australian rider Keely Rayson, we immediately knew she represents our March theme, joy of horses, to the core. Keely’s passion for riding and showing, and her love of her pony Marli (Wynara Hot Tomali) is as unmissable as the huge, infectious smile that can’t be wiped off her face every time she enters the show ring. I caught up with Keely, her mum, Mardi Rayson and Marli’s breeder, Lia Blacket, to learn about Keely’s journey from Pony Club to qualifying for Grand Nationals.

Alchemy on Film

March 2016

“I will always point to the day we shot the champions at Michałów Stud in Poland,” says Jen. “The day they brought 12 world champions out and everyone on the stud was decked out.” “We didn’t really know what it was going to be until they started bringing them out,” adds Sophie. “I still get choked up thinking about it because I’m trying to film and it’s one incredible horse after another coming out of the barn. The men who were handling them were so filled with pride. The whole atmosphere was charged.”

Unharnessed Potential: February 2016

March 2016

Every month, we feature real stories from horse owners in Australia and internationally who own, ride and love Standardbreds. Showcasing what this incredible breed can achieve with the right care, management and training, these Standardbred stories will encourage and inspire you. Razz Razz is a beautiful Standardbred gelding who was well known in the racing industry as ‘Ziraz’. He won over $30,000. Earlier this year, Razz sadly put his back leg through a fence and tore it open pretty badly. He was on pain killers and could barely walk.

Mindy Nguyen

January 2016

Mindy Nguyen talks with Horses and People Magazine about her passion for Arabians and the sport of endurance riding, her horse Azzaro and the moments that are most special to her. What do you do? Endurance riding. Where were you born? Toowoomba, Queensland. Where are you living now? Gold Coast, Queensland. When did you start riding? I grew up on a dairy farm west of Pittworth and horses were a part of daily farm life. I fell in love with horses from the moment I laid eyes on them and have been obsessed since. I’m just not ‘me’ without them.

Standardbred Stories: October 2015

November 2015

This is my Standardbred mare Lyric (New Zealand bred; her race name is Go Kiri Go). I bought Lyric in February 2014 and, since then, she has improved a lot in everything we do. When I got her she was poorly broken in, so shut down and wouldn’t even walk five meters without stopping and refusing to budge. She now walks and trots nice and forward, and has cantered. My story isn’t as extravagant as the others, but Lyric means a lot to me and we are taking things slowly. - Karli Colmer

Emma Mason

September 2015

From her legal clients to her equestrian clients, Emma Mason has a busy schedule. She talks with Horses and People about competition, training horses and balancing work for time in the saddle. What do you do? I’m an event rider, lawyer and NCAS Level 1 instructor. Where were you born? Brisbane, Queensland. Where are you living now? Somersby, New South Wales, which is about an hour north of Sydney. What are you passionate about? Horses!

A Standard Journey

September 2015

A Standard Journey - 5 Horses, 2 People and 1 Tent, now available on Amazon and written by best selling author Jackie Parry, tells the story of Jackie and her husband, Noel, who adopted five Standardbred horses and set off together along the Bicentennial National Trail with their entire belongings on horseback. Apart from an extraordinary story, in which Jackie and Noel rescued five horses from an unknown fate and sold all of their belongings, 50 percent of all proceeds from Jackie Parry’s new release, A Standard Journey, will be donated to help rescue more horses.

Bobbi-Jo Blake

August 2015

An inspirational horsewoman who believes in the rewards of hard work, Horses and People talks with Bobbi-Jo Blake about her best horse, life after her accident, and bettering herself through training and dedication. What do you do? I’m official agent for Hidez Compression Products. I’m starting to compete again and plan my wedding to Clinton!


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