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Personal stories

Alison Rowland

July 2015

Dedicated to the training of horses to improve their performance, longevity and quality of life, Alison Rowland talks with Horses and People about her best horses and her most important words of wisdom for young riders.

Pete Comisky

July 2015

Pete Comisky talks with Horses and People Magazine about life on his property, his best horse and following his dreams.  What do you do? I manage one of our family cattle properties, Westpoint Station, which is 16,600 acres and runs 2,500 Santa Gertrudis and cross cattle. I also compete most weekends in campdrafts, or run campdraft/horsemanship/rural training and safety clinics all over Australia and in the United States. Where were you born? I was born in Rockhampton, but grew up on our family property at Capella. Where are you living now?

Tracey Allen

May 2015

A passionate advocate for the Waler and their importance in our ANZAC history, Horses and People talks with Tracey Allen about her involvement in the Light Horse, her horses and her plans for the Cententary of the ANZACs this month.

Cas Grant

May 2015

Cas Grant talks with Horses and People Magazine about her passion for horsemanship, her daily work and her enduring love for her horses. What do you do? Teach people, train horses, barefoot trim and barefoot rehabilitation.  Where were you born? Newcastle, New South Wales.  Where are you living now? On the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.  When did you start riding? From age four at a work Christmas party with my parents. Then, with the neighbours and their horses. I used to borrow any available pony in the neighbourhood to go for a ride in the bush. 

Leanne Coban

May 2015

Leanne Coban talks with Horses and People Magazine about her love for her family, her dedication to horsemanship and her best advice. What do you do? I’m self employed as a horse trainer and re-educator and professional cowgirl. I’m also married and have two children, named Clay and Maddison.  Where were you born? I was born in Emerald, Queensland. However, I grew up in a small town in North Queensland called Julia Creek.  Where are you living now? We have lived in Emerald, Queensland, for the past 12 and a half years. 

Standardbreds Unharnessed

January 2015

Horses and People, in partnership with Art of Equestrian and Paint Horse Design, will be raffling six original art pieces of Ideal Guy (a.k.a Andy the Standy) at Equitana Melbourne! Show your support for Standardbreds and our next project - a published book on the re-training of the Standardbred - by purchasing a raffle ticket at Stand 525 in the Epsom Pavilion. Tickets are $20 each or 6 for $100. 

Lynn Palm

November 2014

Lynn Palm talks with Horses and People Magazine about Western Dressage, the principles of riding well and her upcoming tour to Australia.  Where were you born and where do you live now? I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I now live in Ocala, Florida.  When did you start riding? I started riding when I was seven years old when my parents bought me a pony! I had a born love for horses as there is no one else in my family who has horses in their lives. I started riding as most - bareback, no shoes, no helmet and with the fastest pony in the neighbourhood! 

Claire Laycock

October 2014

Claire Laycock talks with Horses and People Magazine about creating magical connections between horses and their riders and about learning something new every day. What do you do? I work at Dakini Equestrian, where I provide professional Dressage and Connected Horsemanship training. I also spend a bit of time on the road coaching. Once a month, I go north to Gympie and Traveston. On the off-fortnight, it’s south to Brisbane (Thornlands and Brookfield), then west to Grandchester and Toowoomba. It’s a mission, but then I’m working with some really wonderful people. 

Natalie McNeil

September 2014

Natalie McNeil talks with Horses and People Magazine about her favourite equestrian disciplines, the importance of learning and retiring her childhood horse, Minty. What do you do? I’m currently taking a gap year after completing my HSC last year. I have just been traveling to Europe, mostly Germany, from mid-June this year for three months of sightseeing, vaulting and riding. While I was in Europe, I was lucky enough to see parts of Austria, Slovakia, Belgium, France and the Netherlands also. 

David Simons

July 2014

David Simons talks with Horses and People Magazine about his passion for training, the importance of family and riding wild horses. What do you do? I am a horse trainer.  Where were you born? In Geelong, Victoria.  Where are you living now? In Drysdale near Geelong, Victoria. 


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