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Problem and conflict solving

Why does my horse grind his teeth

July 2012

In the absence of dental or other health issues, grinding the teeth has to be seen as a conflict behaviour. Teeth grinding is one of the behaviours that results from going forward into too strong a contact. It is more often displayed by dressage, event and racehorses, and this is because there is greater necessity for contact compared with say western sports. The problem is the contact is too high – way too much pressure – and combined with concurrent ‘go’ signals from the rider’s legs, the horse is trapped.

Why some ponies behave badly

June 2012

Pony dreams are not always the reality... While horse riding should be a fun educational experience for our kids, it doesn’t always go as smoothly as planned. Pony problems such as uncontrollable behaviour, pig rooting (bucking), napping, spooking and refusing to load into horse trailers have become so common that few people are surprised any more by what they see. What is going on?

Oveshadowing, the most useful training tool you could learn this year!

March 2010

  Australian Equine Behaviour Centre: This is the full version of the article printed in the March 2010 issue of Horses and People Magazine.


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