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"On the bit", should it be the first thing we work on?

June 2012

There are horses all over the world that are calm, relaxed, and obedient to their riders, and they are NOT "on the bit" in the way dressage riders visualise it, so how important is it that our horses are on the bit? If you are training in the area of dressage you are probably saying "THEY HAVE TO BE!" Of course you are correct as it is a requirement of both the EA and FEI, as well as being a guideline that dressage judges are expected to follow.

Ethical Equitation - Part 3 Direct and indirect turns

June 2012

In Part 3 of the Ethical Equitation series, Jody and Nicolette address the last two signals - 'Turn' and 'Yield' in line with learning theory and the principles of training (see Part 1 and Part 2). By mastering all four signals (stop, go, turn and yield), you gain control of the speed, stride length and direction of your horse. 

Half halts simplified

May 2011

  Half halt is a term that we hear often in the arena but it is often misunderstood and not really made clear to most riders. As a professional coach I will often ask students what their understanding of the half halt is and I undoubtedly get different answers. Almost every book you open will  give a different description of how to ride a half-halt, but I think  we all agree what a half-halt is:

Relaxation the key to training success

May 2011

  Relaxation is achieved when the horse knows the answers to the questions you are asking him. Relaxation is probably the most important element required when training horses, so what is tension? What causes it and how can we promote relaxation?

Have you ever ridden side-saddle

March 2008

Wendy Tidbold has been a Saddler for about 40 years and saddlery has become her passion... “it gives me lots of satisfaction to be able to rebuild or make new saddles” says Wendy, “about 25 years ago I started rebuilding old Side Saddles which was very rewarding. Nobody here in Australia knew anything much at all about them, so after going to England three times to learn as much as I could, I now specialize in the art of making Side Saddles”.


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