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Saddlery and Clothing

Tried & Tested: Helmets

April 2014

1. Samsheild Lozenge Swarovski Helmet, $1,395.00,, Designed for optimum safety and comfort, this helmet is equipped with a polycarbonate outer shell, internal comfort foam, size adjustment and two front air inlets.   2. Charles Owen H2000, $395.00,, A classic yet versatile helmet offering a smart and traditional appearance. The exterior is overed with Italian velvet, while the inside is fitted with a super soft band and tan harness.  

Bit of a problem?

August 2012

Whenever a horse feels pain or discomfort due to bitting issues or dental pain, the signs they show range from subtle to spectacular!   Common signs include a resistance, or heaviness in one direction, grabbing or chewing the bit, head tossing at a transition, tilting the head, retracting the tongue or placing it to one side, opening the mouth and extending the neck to avoid contact. This is not an exhaustive list and there are other causes for these signs such as other health, training, and rider issues .

Making a difference

July 2012

Jill Atherstone’s story is an inspiring account of how a Pony Club mum has made a meaningful and longlasting difference to thousands of lives  

Why does my horse have a sore back?

July 2012

At some stage we have all had a horse with a sore back. Lets find out some of the possibilities "why" from our 4 experts.   by Katelyn McNicol BVSc (Hons), Anstead Veterinary Practice The signs your horse may show when suffering from back pain can be wide and varied and may be subtle or overt. Back pain will originate either from the bones of the spine or muscles supporting them.

Saddlefitting ponies

July 2012

Saddle fitting ponies can sometimes be more difficult than saddle fitting horses. While all the same rules apply when fitting a horse compared to a pony, it is the conformation differences, such as wider backs, short backs, sometimes narrow shoulders and big barrels, as well as balancing rider size with the pony, which can prove very difficult.

Do Hoof Boots work?

July 2010

As an Equine Myofunctional Therapist, Hoof Boot Consultant and course co-ordinator for the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy, I receive every day emails from those who have horses with hoof issues and are looking for easy ways to transition their horses out of shoes.

The science of horsey shopping (well sort of...)

July 2010

We all know how nice it feels to buy something for our beloved horse, whether it is a new rug, bridle or even a saddle; but how often do we stop to think what the horse might like? As with most retail industries, the marketing of the various products available is very enticing and it usually works; as a result of reading through a saddlery catalogue, most people will be sufficiently motivated to then go and buy something from that catalogue. So before buying on impulse something which you or your horse may later regret, why not do some homework?

Have you ever ridden side-saddle

March 2008

Wendy Tidbold has been a Saddler for about 40 years and saddlery has become her passion... “it gives me lots of satisfaction to be able to rebuild or make new saddles” says Wendy, “about 25 years ago I started rebuilding old Side Saddles which was very rewarding. Nobody here in Australia knew anything much at all about them, so after going to England three times to learn as much as I could, I now specialize in the art of making Side Saddles”.


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