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Science Corner

The science of horsey shopping (well sort of...)

July 2010

We all know how nice it feels to buy something for our beloved horse, whether it is a new rug, bridle or even a saddle; but how often do we stop to think what the horse might like? As with most retail industries, the marketing of the various products available is very enticing and it usually works; as a result of reading through a saddlery catalogue, most people will be sufficiently motivated to then go and buy something from that catalogue. So before buying on impulse something which you or your horse may later regret, why not do some homework?

Equine Science Update - Strangles

May 2008

Strangles is a contagious disease of horses caused by the bacterium Streptococcus equi. Typical signs include fever, loss of appetite, soft cough, purulent nasal discharge and swollen lymph nodes of the face, which may often abscessate and burst. The swollen glands can restrict the airways - hence the name “Strangles”. In some cases, however, the disease may be very mild, causing only slight nasal discharge without a raised temperature or swollen glands. A carrier state without any obvious clinical signs is also possible.


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