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Tack Room Tales

School Horses Are Worth Their Weight in Gold, brought to you by

July 2012

People often commented to us that we can achieve all these things we did in our lessons "because our school horses are so fantastic".

The Night the Roof Blew Off, brought to you by

July 2012

Many years ago, I started a riding centre in Sydney. Our property consisted of a five acre gently sloping hillside and, apart from the house, there were no buildings before we started the development.

Difficult Students, brought to you by

June 2012

In the course of time, you meet all sorts of people. Some are nice, others not so nice and some are downright difficult. Difficult students can make your life miserable if you don’t deal with them straight away. It is important that your students listen to you as often their safety is at stake. Here is one of these stories...


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