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Riding in Rajasthan

September 2014

I am often asked how we go about selecting riding destinations for inclusion in the Rides On The Wild Side portfolio. With my recent recce in India, I can share a rare insight into the process of what it takes for a riding destination to feature as one of a few handpicked rides in our portfolio, and how important the relationship between outfitter and agency is. It is RWS’ philosophy that matching the correct ride to the riding client is as important as matching a horse to a rider.

Exploring Australia's Horse Heritage: Part 2

July 2014

Australians have lived with, depended upon, loved and exploited horses since the beginning of European settlement of our continent, and the National Museum of Australia is now developing a new project, Horses in Australia, to record, care for and share our nation’s equine and equestrian history and culture. The Museum will open a major new horse history exhibition in Canberra in September 2014, with a tour to venues around Australia planned from mid-2015. 

Outback Spectacular: Behind the Scenes

July 2014

Horse Master Tony Jablonski escorts Horses and People Magazine behind the scenes to show us a rare glimpse into the training and management of the show’s equine performers.

Mounted Police Unit: Behind the Scenes

June 2014

Capturing a glimpse into life inside the Queensland Mounted Police Unit, Horses and People Magazine talk with Senior Sergeant Mark Paroz about the characteristics, specialised training and daily care of Queensland’s troop horses. What duties are the QMPU’s horses required to perform?  In a very simplistic way, QMPU officers perform a combination of general duties, traffic and specialist response that provide operation, community policing and public relations support to the Police Service and the greater Queensland community. 

The Wild Side

April 2014

Botswana is a land of contrast. A lesser-known destination in Africa compared to Kenya or South Africa, but still one of the most superb, largely due to its relative anonymity. Famous for the Okavango Delta, the largest inland delta in the world, as well as the Kalahari Desert, Makgadikgadi Pans, Chobe and Savute game areas, the safari opportunities here on foot, by vehicle, by kayak, in boats and on horseback are many and varied. 

Into the Wilderness

March 2014

Of native trees and clear blue skies and unshod horses, these are my memories of the Apple Isle. When I first discovered Globetrotting and the Tassie Tiger Trail, I was absentmindedly flicking through channels on the television set. What at first was the wanderings of an ordinary afternoon, soon turned into my unquenchable love for a new kind of travel. Where you leave the crowded tourist spots and choked pavements behind for the untouched regions of the world, just waiting to be explored on horseback.

Horses and People Raising the Standards

February 2014

In order to improve racehorse wastage statistics, Horses and People Magazine is launching an awareness and education campaign to encourage leisure and sport riders to turn Standardbred racehorses from track to hack. Racehorse wastage is the term that refers to the number of horses that are removed from the racing industry. It is estimated that a large percentage of foals bred in Australia will never start in a race1, with many young and often healthy horses sent to slaughterhouses every year.

War Horse Opens in Brisbane

August 2013

The stage adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's War Horse has once again captured the hearts and imaginations of an Australian audience. The awe-inspiring production, presented by the National Theatre of Britain in collaboration with Global Creatures, was welcomed with tremendous applause at its first Queensland performance on Saturday 6th July. Through life-size puppetry and a myriad of breath-taking special effects, War Horse brings to life the battles of World War I as seen through the eyes of a horse.

Hoof Wall Cracks: Part 3

April 2013

All cracks in the hoof wall have the potential to progress to catastrophic breakdown of the entire capsule, which is why they should be dealt with as soon as they appear. Andrew Bowe from Mayfield Barehoof Care Centre continues his discussion on hoof wall cracks in the final Part Three of this new series. Permanent hoof cracks  

A postcard from Italy... The Palio Races

December 2012

  I cannot believe how much sightseeing, culture immersion, and fun I have had in the past 6 months. I witnessed some spectacular events involving horses, especially in Italy. Everyone wants to feed you, and I must have eaten enough food here to last an entire mountain village four a year. Ah... but it’s just so good – the pesto is fresh, the tomatoes are ripe, and the pizza – Ahh the pizza – the best in the world.


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