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Hot Cross Scones

March 2017

Caring for people while away at your next show will be more enjoyable with our collection of nutritious, simple and delicious recipes, and practical camping tips for your family. Wholesome food for the whole family and practical advice from seasoned travellers.


March 2017

Name: Basil - essential oil Biological Name: Ocimum basilicum Parts Used: Flowering tops and leaves Method of Extraction: Steam distillation Essential Oil Scent: Slightly camphorous, clover-like and similar to sweet licorice. Constituents: Beta-caryophyllene, camphor, cineol, citronellol, limonene, linalol, fenchol, eugenol and methyl chavicol.

Iron: Friend or Foe?

March 2017

Iron has been the subject of much discussion, mainly regarding its possible role in the development of Insulin Resistance (IR) in horses. This idea stemmed from research performed by the Michigan State University where they explored a potential link between IR and iron overload in black rhinoceros held in captivity (Nielsen, Vick & Dennis 2012), a disorder which hasn’t been documented in the wild. 

Let the Riding Begin

February 2017

When I finally found her, choosing the trainer to take my young horse, Dante, the next step was easy. Sam is a fabulous horseperson - patient and skilled, kind but firm, and easy to get along with. Still, when I dropped Dante off, I was nervously excited. The initial plan was that he’d spend three weeks with Sam to get some basics under saddle. 

The Science Behind the Sport

February 2017

We have all been there... It is the start of a new year and we decide that now is the time to get back into shape. You buy a new pair of runners and aim for an easy 5km jog.  For the first two minutes, you’re thinking: “Why didn’t I do this earlier, this is easy!” Gradually, the easy-go-lucky feeling is replaced by tightness in the chest, stiffness in the legs and a ‘pain is gain’ mentality. Then, before you know, it you find yourself lying on the couch with an ice pack and the new pair of runners in the corner collecting dust.

Spring Into Action

October 2016

Winter is over and, with Spring in the air, we all want to get back in the saddle and start riding our horses again. Many horse owners cannot ride or exercise their horses as much as they would like during the Winter because they don’t have access to indoor facilities and the weather where they live is not conducive to outdoor riding or training. 

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Horse

October 2016

On our cover this month, we are proud to showcase Victorian teenager Sammi McMaster and her Off the Track mare DP Destiny otherwise known as ‘Totti’ or ‘The Queen’ at home. Sammi, along with her sister Sarah and mother Lisa, is a Racing Victoria Acknowledged Retrainer.

Under the Skin: Horses Inside Out Australian Tour

August 2016

This April, skeletal horses were spotted in Western Australia and Victoria. Fortunately it wasn’t the four horsemen of the apocalypse, but Horses Inside Out, an internationally renowned organisation which employs anatomical painting to teach horse owners and equine professionals how their horse works. At the head of Horses Inside Out is Gillian Higgins: anatomist, biomechanist, coach, sports and remedial therapist, event rider, author and speaker. It’s an impressive list that only scratches the surface of what she has achieved since she started her unique business. 

Poll High and The Lowering of Judging Standards

June 2016

Dressage, is a dance with a horse. The beauty of the horse rhythmically moving through movements with arched neck and vertical forehead is watched by horsemen and non-horsemen with great emotion. Currently, riders including lower level and novice riders, strive to attain the stylized forms they see winning in the competitive dressage arenas by emulating the riders and trainers who are successful and applauded. 

From Half a Pony to a Horse Business

May 2016

Designing and manufacturing an innovative hay ring able to keep hay dry, incorporate a slow-feed net and be flat-packed for shipment all over Australia was not on Helen Davey’s mind when she and her family moved to a semi-rural property in Serpentine, Western Australia.  In fact, when the Daveys moved, they didn’t have any horses nor intended to get any. But, six years later, not only is Helen the passionate keeper of several horses, she has also developed a thriving horse business based around her innovative product, Poly Safe Hay Rings.


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