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Worming, Parasites

Itchy Horse: Check for Mites

July 2012

An itchy horse that rubs his mane and tail or bites his underbelly may just have mites! Mange is an intensely itchy skin disease caused by tiny insects called mites. Most mites you cannot see with your naked eye, hence identification is usually delayed, and the horse will exhibit itchy symptoms for no apparent reason. 

A New Era in Worm Control

July 2012

Post doctoral research fellow at the University of Queensland Dr Anne Beasley explains why it’s time we stopped relying solely on the convenience of the old-school interval treatment regime and put the effort into getting to know the ins and outs of sustainable worm control. Some basics of parasite biology and products available for treatment will empower you to do better and will contribute to slowing down the slide towards resistance. 


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