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Young Riders

Stained Glass Window Cake

December 2016

Caring for people while away at your next show will be more enjoyable with our collection of nutritious, simple, delicious recipes and practical camping tips.  Wholesome food for the whole family and practical advice from seasoned travellers. Portable Yards Not all camp sites have sufficient horse yards to keep your horses properly contained, so why not be self-sufficient?  Light-weight aluminium yards are an affordable and convenient alternative to hauling star pickets, sledge hammers, energisers, solar panels, insulators and rolls of tape. 

We recommend: Horses Hate Surprise Parties

December 2016

Horses Hate Surprise Parties: Equitation Science for Young Riders is the first book to present the scientific principles behind horse training in a simple and easy to understand format. Suitable for both young and not so young riders, the book provides clear explanations of horse behaviour and an easy to follow blueprint for training on the ground and under saddle. 

Banana Bread

June 2016

Freeze Water Bottles Calculate two litres of drinking water per person per day minimum. Remember to pack more if you’re expecting warm weather. Taking your own drinks saves you time and money. To keep items cool in your esky, freeze some of the water bottles. These frozen bottles will help keep your food and other beverages cooler for longer. There’s nothing better to quench thirst!

Correct Training Leads to Confident Kids: Part One

October 2012

Teaching kids to train their ponies, and not just 'ride them', greatly boosts their confidence. Kids as young as six easily learn and understand the basic principles of horse training (learning theory), such as pressure-release, timing and one signal for one response. This two-part series explains some of the techniques developed by Andrew and Manuela McLean at the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre (AEBC) that can help children learn about training and, at the same time, help them correct some of the common problem behaviours that many ponies learn.   Safety First!

A Kid's Guide to Horse Health

October 2012

You are your pony’s best friend and, knowing its personality better than anyone, you are often the first to notice if something is wrong. Tell your Mum and Dad right away, and call your veterinarian for further advice on what you can do. Your veterinarian will help to determine whether your pony requires urgent attention. Keep their number close at hand, such as in the stables, in your first aid kit and by the phone.

The Trouble with Pony Hooves

July 2012

Ponies should have the best hooves around!  Ponies are the compact SUV's of the horse world with a great power to weight ration to match. They are cheap to fuel and run on a sniff of tufty grass. However, the life that most ponies live in Australia is the exact opposite of their heritage and this results in a raft of hoof problems.

Correct Training Leads to Confident Kids: Part Two

July 2012

In Part One, Manuela McLean explained how she teaches children the basic horse training principles (learning theory). Kids as young as six learn very quickly and can understand the principles of pressure-release, timing and one signal for one response. This article explains some of the techniques that can help children to re-train and correct some of the most common undesirable behaviours that many ponies learn.  

Bringing Home a New Pony

July 2012

You’ve done your homework and chosen the new pony. You’ve loaded him onto the float and are on your way home.  Hopes are high and the family is making plans for a bright future with your new mount.  These simple tips will assist you to make a success of the purchase. Settling in

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