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Jill Pickering, President, Australian Brumby Alliance Inc.

Thanks for organising a box of Horse and People magazines to reach the Victorian Brumby Assoc Breed stall at Equitana last week. The magazine was immediately put on the display table. I was very impressed with the way the article was presented, and appreciate Anne Wilson liaising with ABA members for feedback and her skill at finalising such an intersting article. Loved the photos and overall colours. One of the aims of the ABA is to get the message out to the general public that Brumbies are hardy, intelligent and versitile horses that can become a valuable resourse to the riding public in so many different fields. We prefer them to stay in the wild, but where excess numbers have to be managed, the more our rehoming groups can gentle and sell on, the more they can collect from National Parks trapping programs and save them from the abbattoirs. Thanks for the exposure.
Jill Pickering, President, Australian Brumby Alliance Inc.