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Thank you for your support helping to adopt horses

Triple R Equine Welfare would like to thank “horses and people magazine”  for their offer of assistance and support. We spend quite a lot of time and resources contacting organizations such as yours, seeking support and requesting assistance with very little, or at times, no results. It was a huge and pleasant surprise when we were approached by “horses and people magazine” and assistance was offered. It is gratifying to know that there are still organizations who will openly support equine welfare organizations such as ours, but will also make “pro” welfare choices within their publication. All too often we are faced with topics or issues that are too sensitive or political, and those who could make a real difference prefer not to get involved, fearing some fallout or potential damage to future sales.   We will be placing a link to your organization on our website and will only be too happy to continue publicly supporting “horses and people magazine”.   From all of us here at Triple R Equine Welfare and from the equine population, THANK YOU!
Triple R Equine Rescue and the horses