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Thanks Horses and People magazine. We have only really been involved with horses for the last 4 years of our 65. We have learned so much from your magazine and look forward to its issue every month. From pasture management to worming, its value to us is immense. Our 3 rescue brumbys from Bloomfield look pretty special as a result. Every month it has an article or two that is of benefit to us. The smallest one is Pixie, a 16yo pony of 12.3hh, possibly of Morgan breeding, the pally is 6yo 15hh, from Pixie by a QH stallion of 17hh who nobody could get near, and the bay with blaze is Rosie from Pixie by a QH stallion of 15hh. We got Ziggy, the pally first when he was 1 month old, paralised with tick. Four days later, he survived, and he went back to his free roaming. At 1 yo, he was down again and we removed more than 40 ticks. Two weeks later he recovered. An elder from the community called us 2 years later and said come and get the “little Bay mare” as he couldnt stand to see her get rounded up and despatched to the bush without any care. We hired a float and went and got her. Rosie was born 9 months later, now 2yo and stunning 13.3hh. So we are spending our kids inheritance on 3 brumbys and really having a lot of fun doing it. Thank you Horses and People.
Dennis Richardson, Deneeba, North Queensland